Miele coffee maker is known for its high prices and superb versatility. If you are familiar with coffee machines, we are sure you would have heard of the Keurig coffee machines, Cuisinart, and others. While these coffee makers are common because of their fairly low prices, their versatility is below par when compared to the Miele coffee maker.

In this article, we reviewed the best Miele coffee makers in the market today. Generally, Miele coffee makers are pricey. But we made our list so flexible that irrespective of your budget, preference, and the functions you may want, you will definitely get a product that perfectly suits you.

So, let’s dig into the best Miele coffee makers review. A buyer’s guide to Miele coffee machines. And other useful information about Miele and her products.

1. Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine

At a glance, the Miele CM6350 coffee maker is an elegantly designed automatic coffee machine. With OneTouch for Two feature that produces two cups of coffee simultaneously and creamy milk froth for coffee specialties.
Like with all Miele products, it comes with a hefty price. It is more expensive than every other product on our list. But its features superciliously justify its price. Buying this machine means you’ll no longer patronize that fancy coffee shop for your meetings. That, not to save money. But because the quality of coffee from shops wouldn’t be anywhere close to what the CM6350 provides. All thanks to the Miele brewing technique (AromaticSystem).

2. CM 6150 Countertop Coffee System in Black

The CM 6150 has a lot in common with the CM 6350. You may not be able to tell the difference between both machines by just looking at them. However, a significant part missing in the CM 6150 is the hot water spout. Asides from that, there is no much difference with other features.
The above means that the CM 6150 comes with the Aromatic System Fresh that efficiently preserves the aroma and flavor of your coffee. That is possible because of the appliance innovative conical grinder and its positioning just above the brew unit. Both of which ensures fast brewing time and eradicates the possibility of remnants that may mar the next coffee taste.

3. Miele CM 5300 Coffee System

At a glance, the CM 5300 is a lighter and more compact Miele coffee maker than the CM 6150. It is cheaper than both products already reviewed and has lesser features. For starters, the Cup Heating feature on the 6350 and 6150 is not available on this product. This function, as the name implies, pre-heats the coffee cups or glasses on a heating surface at the top of the machine. The goal is to allow the flavor of the coffee to develop and be retained for more extended periods.

4. Miele CM 5100 Countertop Coffee Machine

CM 5100 looks very different from all the products on our list, but it still shimmers elegance and luxury. It comes with a very different set of features than the CM 5300 and a slightly lower price. Although this automatic coffee machine is the cheapest on our list, its features and qualities are nowhere near low-end.

5. Miele CM 6110 Countertop coffee system

CM 6110 Coffee system is undoubtedly one of the best Miele Coffee makers in the market today. It is the least expensive from the CM 6 series on our list. But still has all the outstanding features Miele products possess.
First, CM 6110 comes with the Miele’s AromaticSystem. This system guarantees full extraction of the entire goodness of the beans by allowing a larger space for the coffee and water to blend, resulting in intense aroma and flavors.

About Miele

Miele is a German-based manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment. With headquarters in Gutersloh, Ostwestfalan-Lippe. The company has a heritage of over 120 years.

Miele’s 100+ years of experience in manufacturing shines on all its product. Its build, the innovative design, the improvement on each product also starkly talks of the brand’s philosophy and its value for innovation, quality, and fascination. The company’s products have won numerous awards and prizes. If we are going to list all of its awards, the article will become too boring. Yes, they have won that much! The CVA 7845 coffee system won the iF Design Award 2019, the CM 6310 and CVA 6805 coffee machines took the reddot design award for high design quality in 2015 and 2013, respectively. 

Miele, as a brand, also has many awards too. Among these awards include the Best Brands 2019 Hall of Fame, which implies that Miele belongs to the companies ranked among the Top 3 in the “Best Company Brand” category more than ten times. 

Why choose the Miele Coffee System?

The quality of coffee

It is worth mentioning that the quality of Cuppa is the first thing you should look out for when buying any coffee system. Aesthetics, size, brand, and features come only after the coffee taste. 

While Miele fully automatic coffee machines can confidently boast of a superb exterior and features, it can equally pride itself in making super-delicious cups of coffee and other drink specialties – thanks to its unique brewing function. 

The AromaticSystem, Miele’s unique brewing technique, makes use of a special conical grinder and brewing chamber. The grinder grinds each cup of coffee, and it brews it straight away without any residue in its grinding chamber- all thanks to its efficient positioning above the brew unit. 

The brewing chamber expands when water flows in, and this process allows the ground to mix better with water, and ensures that the coffee aroma and flavor unfolds efficiently. Hence, producing a very delicious cup of aromatic coffee. Miele CM 6 series and above features a cup heating function that heats your coffee mug before filling to retain the flavor and aroma for more extended periods. 

The drink specialties available

The coffee shop, for some coffee lovers, is a place to get your specialty drink- the kind you wouldn’t get at home with your machine. However, with a Miele countertop coffee machine, you would have to ditch that coffee shop. That’s because both the Miele built-in coffee machine and the free-standing automated coffee machine (cm systems) can make up to eight drink specialties- cappuccino, espresso, latte, ristretto, long coffee, hot milk and hot milk froth, latte macchiato and caffe latte. 

The best part? All of these drinks, even the most complicated ones, can be made by a push of a button. For example, the latte macchiato isn’t a drink any coffee maker can pull in simple steps. However, with the Miele coffee system, a push of a button is enough. In three simple steps, the device makes the latte macchiato. First, the brew unit automatically lowers to the height of your cup, thanks to its excellent cup sensor function, and dispense hot milk. Next, the machine grinds the beans and pours a strong espresso to your cup. Kindly note that because the dispenser lowers to the height of your mug, there will be minimal temperature loss from the exposure to air. Lastly, the device dispenses the milk froth that will sit on top of the beverage. Tada! Your toothsome cup of macchiato is ready without any stress.

For beverages that require milk, Miele coffee machines come with a removable glass container for milk. These containers are easy to monitor (since their construct is of transparent glass) and are also easier to clean than stainless-steel milk containers. You will not need to worry about using up all the milk at a go because the removable glass can be refrigerated.

The user convenience

There is hardly a coffee system in the market today that can beat the convenience Miele coffee maker provides. First, Miele allows you to save the parameters of your favorite drink and will brew the same coffee anytime. So, if you have a home with a wide range of taste preferences, each person can save his favorite drink parameters into any of the ten available user profiles on the machine. These parameters include the bean type, water temperature and quantity, amount of coffee, and milk/ milk froth quantity if applicable. 

All Miele coffee makers come with a One Touch for Two Function. This option allows you to brew two beverages at the same time by with one button push. If you have many guests, there is a Coffee Pot feature that lets you brew up to eight cups of coffee and have them dispensed via the sprout into your pot. 

Miele coffee maker is easy to clean and maintain

All Miele coffee makers come with the ComfortClean feature. This function allows for the easiest ways to cleaning your device. First, almost all of the individual components are dishwasher-safe, including the drip tray, water container, and ground container/ waste container. Although ComfortClean guarantees convenience, it also ensures optimum hygiene and helps to preserve the value of your device.

Miele machines do not need you to do all the cleaning yourself. The AutoClean function, as the name implies, relieves you of the efforts in cleaning some parts of the machine. Correctly, the AutoClean Function cleans the brew unit and milk pipework automatically. Even more, there is the AutoDescale Function that almost eliminates the need for manual descaling. 

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